“Truecaller CEO Recalls Memorable Meeting with Humble Narayana Murthy”


Alan Mamedi, the CEO of Truecaller, recalls his first encounter with Infosys founder Narayana Murthy, describing the billionaire as remarkably humble and sharing insights from their intriguing conversation about life.

"Truecaller CEO's Memorable Meeting with Narayana Murthy: A Glimpse of Humility"
"Truecaller CEO's Memorable Meeting with Narayana Murthy: A Glimpse of Humility"

In a heartwarming revelation, Alan Mamedi, the co-founder and CEO of Truecaller, recently shared his first meeting with NR Narayana Murthy, the renowned founder of Infosys. The encounter took place eight years ago, and Mamedi candidly admitted that, at the time, he had no knowledge of who Narayana Murthy was or his significant contributions to the world of technology.

Mamedi’s recollection, posted on Friday, sheds light on Murthy’s remarkable humility. During their hour-long conversation, the billionaire philanthropist discussed various aspects of life, without any airs of his extraordinary achievements.

Notably, when Mamedi inquired about Murthy’s profession, the 77-year-old visionary described himself as a philanthropist and made no mention of Infosys, the IT giant he founded. Murthy remarked, “My wife always told me that because I had luck in life, I must give back, and that’s what I’m doing today. Giving back.”

Surprisingly, when Mamedi learned about Murthy’s association with Infosys, he shared a childhood aspiration of working for the company. Mamedi humorously recounted, “When he later told me about Infosys, I told him that my dream as a kid was to work for his company after our computer broke at home and a guy from Infosys came to our house to fix it. It’s funny how life plays out sometimes.”

One curious user asked Mamedi if Infosys provided home computer repairs, to which Mamedi clarified that he had bought a used computer from a company with a service deal with Infosys and inherited the warranty. The service technician was understandably surprised to find himself fixing a computer in someone’s kitchen.

Narayana Murthy has been making headlines for his recent remarks on India’s work culture, igniting a nationwide debate. He suggested that the youth of the nation should voluntarily work 70 hours a week to drive India’s progress. His proposal received mixed reactions, with some regarding it as inhumane and others, including prominent figures like Bhavish Aggarwal, Sajjan Jindal, CP Gurnani, and Kunal Shah, endorsing his perspective, while others, like Harsh Goenka, Namita Thapar, and Mukesh Bansal, disagreed with his views.

The anecdote shared by Alan Mamedi offers a unique glimpse into Narayana Murthy’s character and the unexpected connections that life can create, even between a visionary entrepreneur and a young CEO.

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