“Arrest Made in Telangana Over Death Threats to Mukesh Ambani; Accused Demanded Hefty Ransoms”


A 19-year-old from Telangana has been arrested in connection with death threats sent to Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries. The threats, delivered via email, demanded substantial sums of money. This incident is not the first time Ambani has faced such threats.

"Arrest Made in Telangana Over Death Threats to Mukesh Ambani; Accused Demanded Hefty Ransoms"
"Arrest Made in Telangana Over Death Threats to Mukesh Ambani; Accused Demanded Hefty Ransoms"

In a significant development, a 19-year-old resident of Telangana has been apprehended on suspicion of sending death threats to Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries. These threats, communicated through a series of menacing emails, included demands for substantial financial payments.

The arrested individual has been identified as Ganesh Ramesh Vanapardhi and is presently in police custody, scheduled to remain detained until November 8.

The unsettling episode began when Mukesh Ambani received the first threat email, which demanded a staggering ₹20 crore. Following this initial communication, a complaint was swiftly lodged in Mumbai on October 27. This complaint was filed by the security in-charge of the industrialist. However, the email sender remained unidentified at this stage. Subsequently, another email arrived, this time demanding a daunting ₹200 crore.

The situation escalated further with a third threat email, which explicitly warned that Mr. Ambani’s life was in peril unless he agreed to pay an exorbitant ₹400 crore.

The investigation by law enforcement agencies has led to the discovery that the email address used belongs to an individual named Shadab Khan, and these threatening messages appear to have originated from Belgium. Authorities are currently probing whether the email address provided is genuine or if the threats were sent using a false identity.

This incident is not the first instance of Mukesh Ambani facing death threats. In the past, Mumbai Police arrested an individual from Bihar who had made anonymous calls, threatening to target Mr. Ambani and his family members. The caller had also menaced to “blow up” the HN Reliance Foundation Hospital and the Ambani family residence, ‘Antilia,’ located in south Mumbai.

The arrest of the 19-year-old from Telangana is a significant development in the ongoing investigation, underscoring the importance of ensuring the security and safety of high-profile individuals and corporate leaders in India.

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