Indian urban air mobility startups taking to the skies

From flying taxis whizzing passengers across cities and towns to autonomous drones delivering medical supplies to patients, the urban air mobility (UAM) sector in India is full of promise.

Yesterday’s dreams of electric powered taxis and flying cars/ personal air vehicles (PAVs) are turning into reality with UAM projects. Hundreds of innovators across the globe are developing ways to move people and goods aboard newer, cleaner and smarter air vehicles.

According to strategy giant Boston Consulting Group, an Indian living in a metropolitan city spends an average of 1.5 hours more on daily commute than a person living in any other Asian city , which results in a loss of US $22 billion to Indian cities every year. 

UAM leverages the sky to better link people to cities and towns, giving them more possibilities to connect. UAM can unlock clean and beautiful cities and connect the country in new ways – in the air and on the ground – bringing economic prosperity, cutting emissions and improving quality of life. 


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