Woman asks internet if she should get married after fiancé gets laid off by Microsoft India

Microsoft France headquarters entrance in Issy les Moulineaux near Paris

It is an arranged marriage and the date is set for February, the woman claimed.

Massive layoffs across the tech industry have upturned thousands of lives and left most in a sense of uncertainty. The decisions have had an impact on not just the employees, but also on their families. One such incident went viral when a woman turned to social media for advice after she claimed that her fiance was laid off by Microsoft in India.

In an anonymous post shared on Blind, the woman said that the marriage was arranged by the families and the date was set for this month. But after her fiance got laid off, she was having second thoughts about whether to continue with the match.

“It’s arranged marriage planned for Feb, he got laid off recently and my family is aware of it. I’m not sure if should I still marry him or not,” she wrote on Blind. The woman added that her prospective groom’s salary is “250K”.

The internet, however, was not pleased with the woman’s predicament.”Your would-be husband deserves better,” wrote one user while another commented, “It will be bad for him to marry you.”

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