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She is Saloni. and currently doing MBA in Baroda she, used to be a teacher and she also runs a social work group called ek pahel in which they help people according to their abilities. She is an overthinker and sometimes gets very sensitive about things happening around her, she used to write what she feels with full emotions and heart. she has a small page called soulful journey.2 on Instagram in which she writes in 3 languages Gujarati, English, Hindi some quotes, poems videos, and much more. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to show my work.

I was sitting alone on that dark night,
Moon and stars were shinning
and I was crying beneath your light,
No hopes, No dreams, No love on my side,
looking at the sky and sigh,
Thinking about having
you in my life will be a different ride,
You gone too soon without thinking about me,
you sparkle there and ask me to smile,
You said I am beside you
holding your hand tight for a lifetime,
I said, “The emptiness is killing me
every day and night”,
You again sparkle and ask me to rise and shine,
to create light, laugh, and love for others and stay
strong in this dark scary life.
You made me strong, you made me brave,
the distance can’t break the relation we share.

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