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Pooja Suhanda born in Ahmedabad, pursuing a bachelor of commerce degree from The MS University of Vadodara besides this she has a keen interest in teaching too. She explored herself in each and every field whether it is opening a YouTube channel or writing her thoughts. She likes to pour out her feeling through words with the intention to touch everyone’s heart. A girl full of positive energy and emotions is fond of singing and cooking which makes her feel happy. She writes a poem, quotes, related to emotions and nature. For her, creating thoughts into words is her passion and those words to be set into tunes is what she called a poem.


Be humble, be smart

Do each work with the devotion of your heart

Be humble, be decent

The world around you will become pleasant

Be humble, be strong

Don’t let others to prove you wrong

Be humble, don’t bunk

Respect your elder and your young

Be humble, make your choice

Against wrongdoers raise your voice

Just be humble

face the trouble

with a smiling bubble.

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61 thoughts on “Meet 20 Rising Authors Of 2022 -Pooja Suhanda

  1. As I knw her since very long, she is not just a friend but a family….

    The way she made growth is Excellent…

    Being her well wisher I am very for her…

    N the poem HUMBLE is just same the character you carry…😊

    Last but not least keep growing n shining…🙂

    Yours loving: Shru😉🙃

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