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Priyanka Kansagara was born in 1996 in Gujarat, pursued her education in Mysuru (Karnataka). she has always wanted to pursue writing as a career her educational background is commerce and journalism has given her a broad base to approach many topics.

She also wishes to expand her knowledge in various different fields but writing comes first. She had always wanted to write and therefore she started writing for her college magazine and then finally developed and cultivated the habit of writing. Writing short stories and articles was always her dream which finally she thinks has come true by gaining the opportunity many times. Thank you


Do you people actually believe in soulmates? If yes, then you must read this. Having a soulmate is really a blessing, that’s what I feel. A soulmate can be your partner best friend or anyone else. But remember, it is not always necessary that your partner should be your soulmate. People usually say that, “we are happily married & I finally got my soulmate “. It may be true but not every person who gets marry is as lucky as that. There is no specific way to identify your soulmate but you just have to feel it in your gut, that this person is the right one for you. There is a kind of calmness when you are around them & you feel satisfied with each other. Having a soulmate is a feeling of feelings towards each other & your soulmate is the happiest persons when he sees you happy& he too becomes upset when you are upset. The most important part is how u both balance each other. In spite of being 2 different identities with different mindsets it’s all about how your ideas & goals match with each other. Your soulmate always try to push you & bring the best out of you. Relationship is always about a better growth together & true soulmate willing always help each other to grow together. And the best part of finding a soulmate is you can be yourself with them. There is no chance of faking when it comes to your loved once. You can share your weird experience, guilty pleasures, or even you deepest secrets no matter what, but at the end of you will just make them love you more each day. There are not only happy parts in a relationship the real soulmates will always try to save their relationship no matter what the situation is. They will never let you go away for anything. And after all these fights & you both always understand each other’s emotional language. It may be just by seeing into each other’s eyes or by simple touch or even by cute cuddles. You just need to understand the way you both express your love & wants for each other.

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