A success story of homegrown brand Voltlife.in


A new energetic phase in electronic market is here which is
enough to fulfill your desire of wearing smartwatches and
earbuds. So let’s start with the beginning our team has not born
in a multi millionaire family. But we have dream to launch our
personal brand, and we start finding our products.

After sometime we connect are field with electronics. In our
struggling days we are local non-brand watch and selling 30-40
orders daily till one and a half years. And we realise that there
is a huge market of smartwatch in India.

Finally we got our product and start a new journey with a new
brand called Volt life. The team started developing a new ideas
and blogs for the upcoming projects.

The startup is too challenging for our team but we are doing
this for our dream. We have our own manufactured plant and
make wonderful sustainable smart products for our customers.
The fact is customer wants good product until and unless they
are paying high or low amount. So we discuss and got a point
that if customer gets a good quality product. Than definitely
they are not comes with a complaint.

As brand are growing with the help of our day by day sales and the
whole world has to face a pandemic issue. Our sale goes down
and also not able to take meetings and discuss a proper idea. So
we started our awareness campaign’s about the product it
seems really good to us. But after some black clouds we saw a
perfect J-curve in our sales and we are counting more.

Voltlife are a (D2C) direct-to consumer brand offering a perfect
new generation product. Like consumers are loving us and
sharing a good feedbacks about the brand.

In Voltlife we’ll manufacture our own branded smartwatches
with an extra-ordinary feature like Health Mode, Fitness
tracker, Running Mode, Heart Rate Monitor, ECG and so on.
We have launched 2 SKU (Product) both products are high
demand in market.

Which are Volt AWM 45mm Bluetooth calling smartwatch
which gives you HD Display, calling features, Health and fitness
mode with powerful battery life.

The second one is Volt Kar98 360 round Bluetooth calling
smartwatch which offers AMOLED display with multiple watch
faces, fitness mode, calling support, different look etc.

AS we all know that Apple and Samsung these two big giants
are also in market of smartwatch but still small homegrown
brand take a stand in front of them.

Our product is easy to wear and gives you a comfort while
wearing your watch. There is no irritation while wearing
because the straps are removable you can change as per your
convenience. Also, the brand offering free shippings, easy
returns, Cash on delivery (COD), Monthly-instalments and 12
Month brand warranty.

Brand offers you a good gesture customer support for the
customers, and try to solve the complain in 48 hours.
At last, we live in a fastest growing world and also we know
that in electronic market big giants are ruling the world. But
nowadays many start-ups are founded and covering the
market. Same as Voltlife is offering a fit and fine product which
everyone can use in their daily lifestyle.

Volt Website – https://voltlife.in/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/voltlifein/
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/voltlife.in/

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