Watch: YouTuber pilot Gaurav Taneja ‘draws’ India’s map in sky in unique Republic Day tribute

Former airline captain Taneja completed the mission in almost three hours, covering a distance of 350 km in the sky.

YouTuber Gaurav Taneja aka Flying Beast set out to create history in his own unique way as he flew for almost three hours to create a map of India over US skies on a day the country celebrated its 74th Republic Day. The former pilot named the initiative ‘Aasmaan Mein Bharat’.

Taneja, who has 12 years and 6,000 hours of flying experience, completed the mission in almost three hours by flying around 200 nautical miles, approximately covering a distance of 350 km in the sky. His journey was also tracked live by netizens on social media using flight-tracking devices.Taneja and his wife Ritu had announced the special initiative on social media on January 23. A former IIT student, airline captain, law student and national-level bodybuilder, Taneja started the mission with the aim of igniting the national spirit among people, he said in a press release.“You have made 140 crore Indians proud on this day. A big hug to you,” commented a Twitter user. “Kudos to each and every person who contributed in this beautiful mission,” said another.
“Incredible. Mind blowing! Congratulations and thank you so much for doing this for all the proud Indians,” another added. “One of the most genuine Youtubers of our nation, hats off,” one person wrote.

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