Shark Tank India’s Anupam Mittal feels this entrepreneur could get a Bharat Ratna for their business idea


 SHARK TANK SEASON-2 saw a personalised wheelchair company named Neomotion on Wednesday and after listening to their pitch, Anupam Mittal said that if they could make the product at a lesser price, they might get honoured with a Bharat Ratna. The entrepreneurs came in seeking Rs 1 crore for 1 per cent of the company.

The entrepreneurs and the sharks discussed the cost of making the product. This is where Mittal highlighted that India is popular for ‘frugal engineering’ and if the product could be made for Rs 25,000, the entrepreneurs “won’t just get business, but also get a Bharat Ratna.” He also mentioned that this business is for “desh ka kalyan.”

Anupam Mittal eventually made an offer and Namita Thapar joined hands with his offer, but eventually stepped out. Peyush Bansal too made an offer but the entrepreneurs were quite rigid about sticking to their valuation. Anupam found them “money minded”. The entrepreneurs stuck to their vision and declined all the offers they received, and did not even present a counter offer. Peyush eventually gave them the deal they were looking for and it was locked

Anupam Mittal was very impressed with the innovation that the wheelchair company presented and felt that they could get a Bharat Ratna for the same.

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