“Sam Altman’s Message to Ex-OpenAI Board Upon CEO Comeback”


Sam Altman reinstated as OpenAI’s CEO, reshapes board after internal turmoil. Altman’s return brings changes, focusing on research, product deployment, and governance, aiming to rebuild and refocus the organization’s mission in AI advancement.

Sam Altman Returns as OpenAI's CEO, Rebuilds Board and Addresses Past Turmoil
Sam Altman Returns as OpenAI's CEO, Rebuilds Board and Addresses Past Turmoil

In a significant turn of events, Sam Altman has made a triumphant return as the CEO of OpenAI, following his abrupt ousting by the previous board on November 18. Altman’s reinstatement brings an end to a period of turmoil at the Microsoft-backed organization, marked by internal dissent and board restructuring.

Altman’s return not only signifies a personal comeback but also signals substantial changes within the company. The board that once dismissed him underwent a significant overhaul, with nearly all members replaced following employee rebellion. Only Adam D’Angelo, CEO of Quora, remains from the previous board that fired Altman.

In a compelling blog post, Altman extended an olive branch to the ousted board members, acknowledging their efforts and expressing gratitude to those who collaborated to find a resolution. Notably, he specifically addressed AI scientist Ilya Sutskever, stating his respect and desire to sustain their professional relationship despite Sutskever’s role in Altman’s dismissal.

Expressing his immediate priorities upon resuming his position, Altman emphasized advancing research plans, enhancing safety initiatives, product deployment, customer service, and bolstering the board with diverse perspectives and robust governance structures. Additionally, Altman praised the resilience and solidarity of the OpenAI team during tumultuous times, commending their unwavering dedication and professionalism.

Co-founder Greg Brockman also returned as the company’s president, further indicating a pivotal shift in the company’s leadership structure. Altman lauded their partnership, highlighting their collaborative efforts in steering OpenAI toward its goals.

The previous board’s decision to remove Altman led to a significant upheaval within the organization, with over 65% of employees threatening to resign in solidarity. Altman’s comeback seeks to stabilize the company and reinforce its commitment to building beneficial artificial general intelligence (AGI).

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