Roopal Arora: Illuminating the Spheres of Technology, Education, and Literature.


Roopal Arora: Illuminating the Spheres of Technology, Education, and Literature.

Roopal Arora: Illuminating the Spheres of Technology, Education, and Literature

Roopal Arora: Illuminating the Spheres of Technology, Education, and Literature

In the vibrant city of Delhi, one name resonates across the diverse realms of Information Technology, education, and literature – Roopal Arora. A polymath in every sense, Roopal has crafted a distinguished path marked by technical prowess, educational leadership, and literary finesse, earning her widespread recognition and a multitude of prestigious awards.

A Trailblazing Career in Information Technology:

Roopal’s journey commenced with a robust educational foundation, armed with a degree in Information Technology and an MBA with a specialization in IT. Her academic acumen laid the groundwork for a remarkable career, adorned with titles such as Oracle Certified Professional and SAP Professional. Over six years, she contributed her expertise to esteemed IT firms like Wipro and CNEB Network. Currently serving as the Manager Technical at Marucom private firm, Roopal seamlessly combines technical acumen with managerial finesse, all while excelling in a remote work environment.

Her relentless pursuit of knowledge led her to complete two courses from the esteemed British Council, enriching her understanding on an international scale. Roopal’s passion for education is evident in her roles as a Microsoft Educator, Buncee Educator, and Wakelet Educator, where she imparts knowledge to the next generation of tech enthusiasts. As a brainmaths professional, Roopal showcases her innate talent for logical thinking and problem-solving.

Literary Brilliance Beyond Measure:

Beyond the boundaries of technology, Roopal emerges as a prolific writer, leaving an indelible mark on the literary landscape. Her creative flair shines through as a Creative Coordinator, with honors and features in numerous books, magazines, and websites, underscoring her impact and recognition in the literary field. Her work resonates deeply, touching the hearts and minds of all those who encounter it, gracing several anthologies and adorning the pages of numerous magazines.

Awards Galore: Recognizing Excellence:

Roopal’s journey is adorned with a plethora of awards, a testament to her exceptional contributions to the literary world. From the Proficient Writer Award from Flairs and Glairs Publications to the Lit Star Award from Cherry Book Awards, her accolades span various categories, showcasing the breadth of her talent and influence.

  • Proficient Writer Award from Flairs and Glairs Publications
  • Special Jury Award from The Great Podium
  • Creator Award from Flairs and Glairs Publications
  • Influential Writer Award from Unheard Stories
  • Meritorious Star Award from Sparkling Diamonds
  • Inspirational Blogger Award from Mommaclan
  • Iconic Writer Award from Elysian Pens
  • Excellence Award from JJ Crowns
  • Best Author Award from The Creative Circle
  • Sahitya Puraskar Award from The Holistic Pine
  • Inspiration Award from Her Story Times
  • Lit Star Award from Cherry Book Awards
  • Media Features and Author Interviews

Roopal’s work has found its way into the spotlight through features in prominent magazines like Lift, Elysian, Unicorn, and Holistic Pine. Her author interviews have been featured in publications such as Flairs and Glairs, The Great Podium, and Book’s Hub Magazine, where she shares insights into her creative process and literary journey.

Published Posts and Links:

Roopal’s writing has graced platforms such as Momspresso, Story Mirror, Fuzia, Wakelet, and many more. Her articles cover a diverse range of topics, from life reflections to entrepreneurial insights. With a multitude of published links, interviews, and features, Roopal has created a substantial digital footprint, solidifying her presence in the online literary space.

Roopal’s impact extends to social media, where she actively engages with her audience through Instagram, LinkedIn, and podcasts. Her thought-provoking posts, interviews, and testimonials are a testament to her commitment to self-branding and creating a positive online presence.

In conclusion, Roopal Arora’s journey stands as a beacon of inspiration, illustrating that passion, curiosity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence can lead to remarkable achievements that bridge the realms of technology, education, and literature. As a dynamic and multifaceted luminary, Roopal continues to shine brightly, ready to make a lasting and positive impact on everyone she encounters.

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