Rishav Sadhu proves, When it comes to owning a successful startup there is no other option than perfection!


Rishav Sadhu the Co-Founder of “Webingo”, a Kolkata-based IT solutions startup shares, “Ever since I was a child I was obsessed with perfection, I used to scrutinize every detail of my work no matter how small it is. I always thought if it isn’t perfect then it isn’t done. I had never thought that this quality of mine would be the biggest driving force of my career!”

Rishav adds, “You can’t deny the fact that the startup scene in India had a massive boom in the last couple of years, especially in the IT industry. That’s why in order to succeed in this oversaturated market we had to offer something that made us different from the others. And that’s when I utilized my trait, I decided I will be what is lacking in the race, I will be a perfectionist! Everyone has a common misconception that IT people are just like their programs, they are full of bugs. So I took a firm foot and decided that I will break this myth. I will make sure that every project done by me and my team will be flawless. And I can proudly say that we remained true to our word! Even though it takes a little more effort, frustrations and tiredness occur sometimes but at the end of the day, the praises of our satisfied customers make it all worth it!”

Being asked how it feels to be one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the country Rishav Sadhu said, “To be very honest I never actually thought of having such titles. Yes, though we’ve to acknowledge that it motivates me to work even harder. Like I never thought even in my dreams that I will be graced with the title of the youngest entrepreneur in the country. I always wanted to be featured in ‘Forbes under 30’ like a child always dreams of touching the stars once, and it really helped me to reach new heights. The path definitely was never easy; actually, the dimensions of the barriers we faced were always bigger than the previous one. Yet my passion and love for my craft kept me going.”

“Honestly in my opinion dedication, discipline and an urge for self-improvement are all you need to be something great in this world. So just believe and dedicate yourself completely to your craft and nothing can stop your dreams from becoming reality! And always remember Perfection is the key!” Rishav shares his wisdom with his fellow aspiring entrepreneurs.

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