“Reliance Jio Unveils JioSpaceFiber: India’s Revolutionary Satellite-Based Gigabit Broadband Service”


Reliance Jio unveils JioSpaceFiber, India’s first satellite-based gigabit broadband service, revolutionizing connectivity with its reach and scalability.

Reliance Jio Unveils JioSpaceFiber: India's First Satellite-Based Gigabit Broadband Service
Reliance Jio Unveils JioSpaceFiber: India's First Satellite-Based Gigabit Broadband Service

Reliance Jio, one of India’s leading telecommunications giants, made a groundbreaking announcement on the opening day of the India Mobile Congress (IMC) by launching JioSpaceFiber, touted as India’s maiden satellite-based gigabit broadband service. The highly anticipated event saw Akash Ambani, Chairperson of Reliance Jio, giving a live demonstration to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who inaugurated the 3-day IMC in Delhi.

JioSpaceFiber, as described by Ambani, is set to revolutionize connectivity in India. Ambani stated, “Jio SpaceFiber will allow everyone, everywhere, to fully participate in the new digital society with gigabit access to online government, education, health, and entertainment services.” Additionally, he emphasized that this ambitious venture would “expand our reach to cover the millions yet to be connected.”

Here are the key highlights of JioSpaceFiber:

(1.) Satellite-Based Internet Network: As the name implies, JioSpaceFiber is a satellite-based internet network. It represents Reliance Jio’s concerted effort to extend high-speed broadband services to previously inaccessible areas, complementing their existing offerings, JioFiber and Jio AirFiber.

(2.) Strategic Collaboration: For this ambitious project, Reliance Jio has partnered with SES, a Luxembourg-based satellite communication provider. The partnership leverages SES’s O3b and the new O3b mPower satellites to accomplish the mission.

(3.) Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) Technology: By utilizing these advanced satellites, Reliance aims to tap into the latest Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) technology to bolster mobile backhaul capacity. This will significantly expand the reach and scalability of Jio’s True5G network, even in remote and underserved areas.

(4.) Regulatory Approval: In September 2022, Jio Satellites, a unit of Reliance Jio, received approval from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) to launch high-speed broadband-from-space services, a pivotal milestone for the company’s satellite-based endeavors.

(5.) Nationwide Accessibility: JioSpaceFiber has already been introduced in four of India’s most remote locations: Gir (Gujarat), Korba (Chhattisgarh), Nabarangpur (Odisha), and ONGC-Jorhat (Assam). The service is set to become accessible throughout the entire country, providing connectivity at highly competitive prices.

Reliance Jio’s foray into satellite-based gigabit broadband services marks a significant step towards bridging the digital divide in India, ensuring that even the remotest areas have access to high-speed internet, ushering in a new era of digital inclusion.

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