“PM Modi’s Lok Sabha Speech: Investment Tip Amidst Opposition Critique”


Prime Minister Narendra Modi combines a scathing attack on the opposition with investment advice for stock market enthusiasts during his Lok Sabha address.

PM Modi Offers Investment Advice Amidst Fiery Lok Sabha Speech

PM Modi Offers Investment Advice Amidst Fiery Lok Sabha Speech

In a dynamic Lok Sabha session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a speech that not only criticized the opposition but also included an unexpected investment tip for those interested in the stock market.

Addressing the house, Prime Minister Modi pointed out that opposition parties had propagated falsehoods about government-run companies, only to witness their resurgence and substantial success.

“Opposition targeted India’s banking sector. They used to spread lies that the banks in India have collapsed. They made foreign experts say this. They spread lies about banks. Our public sector banks’ net profit doubled,” Modi asserted. Referring to the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), he noted, “Opposition spoke negative things about HAL. They used to say HAL is finished and India’s defence sector is destroyed. Just like videos are shot in farms, a video was filmed at the door of HAL. The opposition tried to brainwash the HAL workers. Today, HAL is achieving new heights of success, registering the highest revenue.”

Turning his attention to the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), Modi continued, “Opposition spoke lies about LIC. Today, LIC is growing stronger. Those interested in stocks know they should invest in government companies’ shares.” Modi offered a hint to investors, suggesting that government-owned firms’ shares could be a lucrative choice.

The prime minister’s speech also focused on the broader political landscape, taking aim at the “I.N.D.I.A alliance,” which he dubbed as the “Ghamandiya” (arrogant) front. He warned that this alliance might lead to inflation, corruption, policy paralysis, instability, appeasement, dynasty, unemployment, violence, and terrorism. However, he counterbalanced this criticism with a pledge that India would emerge as one of the world’s top three economies during his third term.

In a humorous aside, Modi acknowledged the opposition’s dual stance during a recent event in Bengaluru. He mentioned, “I want to express my sympathy with the opposition because a few days ago you performed the last rites of UPA in Bengaluru. On one hand, you were performing last rites, but you were celebrating too.”

With this multifaceted address, Prime Minister Modi combined his critique of the opposition’s tactics with an unusual piece of investment advice, showcasing the intersection of political discourse and economic insight in the country’s legislative arena.

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