“PM Modi Distributes 70,000 Appointment Letters at Rozgar Mela, Hails India’s Global Trust and Attraction”


Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually distributed over 70,000 appointment letters at the Rozgar Mela, emphasizing India’s development trajectory and its rise as a center of global trust and attraction. He lauded the citizens’ resolution to make India a developed nation and highlighted the transformation of the banking sector during his tenure.

India Emerges as a Center of Global Trust and Attraction: PM Modi Distributes 70,000 Appointment Letters at Rozgar Mela
India Emerges as a Center of Global Trust and Attraction: PM Modi Distributes 70,000 Appointment Letters at Rozgar Mela

In a virtual ceremony of the Rozgar Mela, Prime Minister Narendra Modi distributed over 70,000 appointment letters to newly inducted employees, expressing his honor for being a government employee and the citizens’ resolution to propel India towards becoming a developed nation.

Addressing the new appointees, PM Modi remarked, “Today, every expert believes that India, in a few years, would be in the world’s top three economies.” The Rozgar Mela was conducted at 44 locations across India, where the recruits will join various ministries and departments in the central and state governments.

The Rozgar Mela, a key campaign aimed at providing 10 lakh government jobs, commenced on October 22, 2022, under PM Modi’s leadership.

During his address, PM Modi praised India’s remarkable progress and rising global prominence, stating, “India has emerged as a center of global trust and attraction, and the country has to make full use of it.” He highlighted that India’s development journey has resulted in enhanced employment opportunities and increased per capita income for citizens.

PM Modi also took the opportunity to laud the transformation of India’s banking sector, emphasizing its current robustness and efficiency. He mentioned, “Today, India is one of those countries where the banking sector is considered to be the strongest.” The Prime Minister credited his government’s initiatives, such as strengthening bank management, merging small banks, and injecting professionalism, for bringing about positive changes in the banking sector.

Notably, PM Modi contrasted the present state of the banking sector with the challenges it faced during the previous government’s tenure, stating, “Our banking sector has seen massive destruction during the previous government. Today, we are able to make digital transactions, but 9 years ago, phone banking was not accessible to 140 crore people.”

Furthermore, he commended the efforts of banking sector employees in executing various government schemes and supporting the underprivileged through loans under the ‘Mudra’ scheme and women self-help groups.

The Rozgar Mela, which aims to generate more employment opportunities and empower the youth for national development, signifies the government’s commitment to driving economic growth and prosperity in the country.

As India continues to progress on its development path, PM Modi’s vision and dedication to promoting a robust economy and creating a conducive environment for growth have garnered appreciation and trust on the global stage.

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