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Comimg soon By Amisha garg Aka That Amie Gurl
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About – Amisha Garg
AMISHA GARG is a 22 -year -old Indian social media influencer and entrepreneur with a deep sense of responsibility for sustainability and good leadership .She is graduated from SP JAIN SCHOOL OF GLOBAL MANAGEMENT from three different cities Singapore, Dubai & Sydney. She is very fascinated to fashion, travel & beauty world .Also she worked with many NGOs where she can serve the nation, the needy and can provide a hand of support to them. She is a famous Fashion blogger, entrepreneur and Instagram star from India .
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She is from Meerut, UP, India. She is 22 years old. Her zodiac sign is Aquarius .She Indian by nationality. Her date of birth is 30 Jan 2000
Facts About Here –
She got 13.3k followers on Instagram
She is all about fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel
She knows what looks good on her and never leaves a chance to crate a bold yet simple herself
Mindful Amisha – Her podcast Coming soon
She endorse various brands

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website – www.thatamiegurl.com

Instagram – https://instagram.com/thatamiegurl_?igshid=k37zi93drfz7

Linktree = https://linktr.ee/Thatamiegurl_

Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/amisha.garg.547389

YouTube = https://youtube.com/channel/UCM602kNHW29Ytn39X0tp6GA

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