Meet 20 Rising Authors Of 2022-Rajshree Rathod


She is Rajshree Rathod from Vadodara, she doesn’t like to express herself but she can say just only one thing that life is so beautiful and simple thing to live a happy life ” Love yourself and follow your Heart”. Enjoy every moment of life and always be helpful. She writes her poem with pen name ” સ્નેહ”. She had written a book as a co-author ” We are the Poets”. She also does social work for child education and needy person. Her help group name is “સ્નેહ સંકલ્પ”

Think about the power of a smile,

To live every moment bright,

All reflection is dark,

But the only reflection of smile bloom.

Feel happy and live happily,

make your face spontaneously shine.

Life is a beautiful journey,

with unknown curves

To make them straight Always have a smile.

God gives us the best gift of a smile,

So, we should not forget to give,

The return gift of Smile…

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103 thoughts on “Meet 20 Rising Authors Of 2022-Rajshree Rathod

      1. Congratulations💐💐Dear Rajashree rathod you are superb author, you wrote very nicely n beautiful way, amazing 👍👍

  1. She is such a wonderful author I have ever met . I just love her poems ” Sneh ” she is as wonderful as her poems….

  2. Congratulations my lovely friend for your well deserved success . You are best author. Each and every lines written by you are really amazing.

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