“Infosys Requires Employees to Return to Office 10 Days a Month in Remote Work Shift”


Infosys, India’s No.2 software-services exporter, has asked certain entry and mid-level staff to work from the office for 10 days a month starting from November 20, aligning with the global trend of companies modifying remote work policies established during the pandemic.

Infosys Requires Employees to Return to Office for 10 Days a Month
Infosys Requires Employees to Return to Office for 10 Days a Month

Infosys Ltd, one of India’s leading software-services exporters, has made the decision to require certain employees to return to the office for 10 days each month, according to a source familiar with the matter. This development reflects a broader global trend of companies reevaluating and adjusting their remote work policies, originally implemented during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Infosys, a prominent player in the IT industry, chose not to comment on the news. The company has communicated this shift to entry and mid-level staff members through email, with the new policy set to take effect on November 20. Importantly, it’s worth noting that this change will not apply to all employees.

Infosys CEO, Salil Parekh, expressed the company’s commitment to flexibility while addressing the evolving work dynamics. He mentioned, “We are very clear that we want to remain flexible with our employees. Having said that, every quarter, every week we are seeing more and more employees back into the campus, and we believe this will continue.” This statement underlines Infosys’s intention to strike a balance between remote and office-based work.

This decision from Infosys aligns with a broader shift in corporate policies, as many companies around the world are reassessing their remote work strategies. Reasons cited for returning to the office range from enhancing efficiency to fostering better collaboration among employees.

Notably, Infosys is not the only major IT player making such adjustments. Tata Consultancy Services, Infosys’s larger rival, has already required its workers to return to the office for five days a week. This move illustrates the diverse approaches companies are taking in navigating the post-pandemic work environment.

The debate over remote work has not been limited to the IT industry. Tech giants like Amazon.com Inc and Alphabet Inc’s Google have also encouraged their employees to spend at least a few days working from the office each week. These developments underscore the changing landscape of work and the ongoing discussions about the future of remote and on-site employment in the corporate world.

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