“IndiGo Passengers Endure Horrifying Flight with No AC as Punjab MLA Demands Action”


IndiGo Airlines faces backlash as passengers on a Chandigarh to Jaipur flight suffer through an hour-long journey with no air-conditioning amid peak summer. Punjab MLA Amarinder Singh Raja Warring shares his “horrifying experience,” demanding action from aviation authorities.

IndiGo Passengers Endure Torturous Flight as Air-Conditioning Fails, Punjab MLA Shares "Horrifying Experience"

IndiGo Passengers Endure Torturous Flight as Air-Conditioning Fails, Punjab MLA Shares "Horrifying Experience"

IndiGo Airlines, one of India’s leading carriers, recently faced severe criticism after passengers on a flight from Chandigarh to Jaipur endured an agonizing hour-long journey without air-conditioning. As peak summer temperatures soared, the absence of AC led to discomfort and distress among the travelers, who resorted to using safety cards as hand fans and were given wet wipes by the perspiring flight attendants. The incident has drawn public outrage and caught the attention of Punjab Congress Chief and MLA Amarinder Singh Raja Warring, who described the experience as “the most horrifying” and called for action from aviation regulators.

The ordeal began when passengers boarded IndiGo flight 6E7261, expecting a comfortable journey to their destination. However, the aircraft’s air-conditioning system suffered a technical malfunction, leaving the travelers in an uncomfortably sweltering environment. Disturbing visuals emerged on social media, showing passengers resorting to desperate measures to cope with the heat. Safety cards were used as makeshift fans, while a flight attendant was seen frequently passing out wet wipes in an attempt to provide some relief.

Punjab MLA Shares “Horrifying Experience”

Among the passengers onboard the fateful flight was Punjab Congress Chief and MLA Amarinder Singh Raja Warring. Taking to Twitter, Mr. Warring shared his harrowing experience, recounting how passengers were made to wait in the scorching sun before boarding the aircraft. To their dismay, the ACs remained non-functional throughout the flight, from take-off to landing. Despite the obvious discomfort and distress, no action was taken to address the situation, leaving passengers to “suffer” through the entire journey.

IndiGo’s Apology and Investigation

In response to the public outcry and social media backlash, IndiGo Airlines issued a formal apology to the affected passengers. The airline expressed regret for the inconvenience caused and assured that the air-conditioning system of the aircraft was thoroughly inspected and corrected upon landing in Jaipur. IndiGo stated that the aircraft was cleared for subsequent flights after the necessary inspections and repairs were carried out.

Calls for Action from Aviation Regulators

The severity of the situation prompted Mr. Warring to call upon the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Airports Authority of India (AAI) to take appropriate action against IndiGo Airlines. The MLA’s action has further drawn attention to the need for airlines to prioritize passenger safety and comfort, especially during challenging circumstances.

The episode of IndiGo flight 6E7261 from Chandigarh to Jaipur has put the spotlight on the importance of ensuring passenger comfort and safety in the aviation industry. A technical issue that left passengers without air-conditioning during a peak summer flight caused distress and discomfort, prompting widespread criticism of the airline. As the incident gains traction, aviation authorities are under pressure to investigate the matter thoroughly and take appropriate action to prevent similar occurrences in the future. The incident serves as a stark reminder to airlines to maintain their aircraft rigorously and prioritize passengers’ well-being to ensure a smooth and safe flying experience.

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