“Government-Supported ONDC Sells 10,000 kg of Discounted Tomatoes in Just 6 Days: Here’s How to Buy Online”


Get fresh and discounted tomatoes through the government-supported ONDC in Delhi. Over 10,000 kg sold in just six days, with plans to continue for another week. Learn how to buy online hassle-free and conveniently. One order per user per week, with zero delivery fees. A successful initiative promoting food accessibility and affordability in digital commerce.

ONDC's Discounted Tomato Sales Reach 10,000 kg in 6 Days: Here's How to Buy Online
ONDC's Discounted Tomato Sales Reach 10,000 kg in 6 Days: Here's How to Buy Online

The government-supported Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) has achieved remarkable success by selling 10,000 kilograms of discounted tomatoes in just six days in Delhi. Priced at ₹70 per kg, the initiative received overwhelming response from consumers, leading to quick sell-outs of the allocated 2,000 kg of tomatoes daily. The National Cooperative Consumer Federation (NCCF) provided the daily allocation, and the sales are set to continue for another week.

ONDC Chief T Koshy stated that the initiative has gained immense popularity, and the team plans to sustain it for at least one more week. Moreover, ONDC offers zero delivery fees and restricts one order per user per week.

Paytm E-commerce Private Limited (PEPL) reported that on the Paytm app alone, nearly 6,000 kg of tomatoes were sold through ONDC in just one week, contributing to 60% of total tomato sales in Delhi NCR on the ONDC network.

To purchase discounted tomatoes through ONDC, users can easily do so through various integrated apps like Paytm, Magicpin, My Store, and Pincode. The process involves simple steps like searching for ‘ONDC Food’ or ‘Paytm se ONDC’ within the app, selecting the desired store, and placing the order for delivery.

ONDC assures customers that the tomatoes are fresh and of export quality. Each user can buy a maximum of 2 kg at ₹70/kg per week, and home delivery is free of any additional charges, making it a convenient and cost-effective option for consumers.

By availing this initiative, consumers can avoid the hassle of standing in long queues at physical outlets and enjoy the ease of purchasing discounted tomatoes from the comfort of their homes.

With ONDC’s successful implementation of discounted tomato sales, it highlights the potential of digital commerce in addressing consumer needs and promoting accessibility to essential commodities. The initiative also showcases the government’s commitment to supporting consumers during challenging economic times.

As the initiative continues, it aims to contribute to food security, affordability, and convenience for households across Delhi, and potentially inspire similar programs in other regions.

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