“Cello World Chairman Pradeep Rathod Joins India’s Billionaires Club with Public Listing Success”


Pradeep Rathod, Chairman of Cello World, attains billionaire status with a 44% stake valued at $1 billion following the company’s successful public listing. The diverse kitchenware brand achieved a market valuation of ₹16,806.58 crore, marking a significant milestone. Explore Cello World’s journey and Rathod’s key role, with insights into the company’s expansion and financial success.

Pradeep Rathod Enters India's Billionaire Ranks as Cello World's Public Listing Soars
Pradeep Rathod Enters India's Billionaire Ranks as Cello World's Public Listing Soars

In a significant turn of events, Pradeep Rathod, Chairman of Cello World, has joined India’s billionaire league as the renowned kitchenware brand soared to new heights with its recent public listing. Rathod’s 44% stake in Cello World is now valued at an impressive $1 billion, marking a remarkable achievement for the seasoned professional.

Cello World’s Market Triumph:

Cello World, originally established in 1974 as a Thermoware manufacturer for Indian kitchens in Mumbai, has evolved into a multifaceted brand offering diverse consumer houseware, writing instruments, stationery, moulded furniture, glassware, and opal ware. The company’s market valuation reached ₹16,806.58 crore, fueled by robust trading activities, including 13.31 lakh shares at BSE and over 1.79 crore shares at NSE.

Cello World in Brief:

  1. Establishment and Growth: Founded by Ghisulal Rathod, Cello World started as a Thermoware manufacturer, expanding its product range over the years.
  2. Product Categories: Cello World spans three main categories, providing a wide array of consumer houseware, writing instruments, stationery, and moulded furniture.
  3. Diversification: In 2017, Cello diversified its business by entering the glassware and opal ware market, broadening its product offerings under the ‘Cello’ brand.
  4. Manufacturing Facilities: Cello World operates 13 manufacturing facilities across Daman, Haridwar, Baddi, Chennai, and Kolkata, with plans for a new glassware facility in Rajasthan.
  5. Financial Success: Cello witnessed a remarkable 30% increase in net profit, reaching ₹285 crore in FY23, compared to ₹219.52 crore in the previous fiscal year.

Pradeep Rathod: A Visionary Leader:

  1. Extensive Experience: With over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and trading plastic and thermoware articles, as well as raw materials, Pradeep Rathod is a seasoned professional.
  2. Key Role in Cello World: Rathod has played a pivotal role as a Director in Cello World since its inception, steering the company towards success.
  3. Family Involvement: Pradeep Rathod’s son, Gaurav, and younger brother, Pankaj, jointly serve as managing directors in the business.
  4. Business Prominence: The Rathods are key promoters of Wim Plast Ltd, a BSE-listed company recognized for producing plastic furniture under the Cello brand.
  5. Social Commitment: Beyond business, Pradeep Rathod serves as a trustee for the Badamia Charitable Trust, dedicated to social and philanthropic activities. Additionally, he holds the position of president at the JITO Administrative Training Foundation.

Pradeep Rathod’s ascent to billionaire status reflects not only Cello World’s market triumph but also his visionary leadership and commitment to both business and societal impact.

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