“Bengaluru Resident Faces 225-Minute Wait for 45-Minute Rapido Auto Ride, Social Media Reacts”


In this news article, a Bengaluru resident faces an astounding 225-minute wait time for a 45-minute Rapido auto ride, highlighting the city’s traffic challenges. Social media reacts with humor and #PeakBengaluru hashtag. The incident sparks discussions on transportation issues in the city.

"Bengaluru Resident Faces 225-Minute Wait for 45-Minute Rapido Auto Ride, Social Media Reacts"
"Bengaluru Resident Faces 225-Minute Wait for 45-Minute Rapido Auto Ride, Social Media Reacts"

In yet another bizarre incident highlighting Bengaluru’s infamous traffic woes, a city resident was left astounded after booking a Rapido auto rickshaw ride and receiving an astonishing wait time of 225 minutes for a journey that would last only 45 minutes. Taking to social media to express their frustration, the resident shared a screenshot of the ride details, lamenting that wait times on ride-hailing apps are becoming unmanageable. The incident sparked reactions from netizens, with many using the hashtag #PeakBengaluru to describe the city’s transportation struggles.

The incident occurred in Bengaluru, a city known for its notorious traffic congestion, and it exemplifies the challenges faced by residents in commuting within the city. The post quickly caught the attention of the ride-hailing company, Rapido, which responded to the complaint, attributing the excessively long wait time to a possible glitch in the system.

This incident comes after a similar occurrence in May when a Bengaluru man booked an Uber auto and was faced with a 71-minute wait for a driver located 24 kilometers away. The internet was abuzz with humorous reactions, adding to the ongoing discussions about the city’s transportation and commute issues.

Bengaluru, often dubbed as “Peak Bengaluru” in such scenarios, has been a subject of frequent debates both online and offline concerning its transportation infrastructure and the challenges faced by commuters. As the city continues to grapple with traffic congestion and increasing demand for ride-hailing services, incidents like these shed light on the need for more efficient and reliable transportation solutions.

Despite the humorous reactions, the incident underscores the importance of addressing the transportation woes in Bengaluru and finding sustainable solutions to alleviate the city’s traffic problems

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