“Air India Unveils New Logo ‘The Vista’ and Tail Design, Blending Heritage with Modernity”


Air India introduces its new logo ‘The Vista,’ reflecting a harmonious blend of heritage and modernity. The designer, Tasneem Ali, discusses the inspiration behind the design, emphasizing authenticity and global appeal. The article highlights the careful integration of the iconic ‘Maharaja’ figure and the airline’s commitment to elevating the guest experience. The unveiling of the new logo marks a significant step in Air India’s journey toward a contemporary and distinctive identity.

"Air India Unveils New Logo 'The Vista' Reflecting Heritage and Modernity"

"Air India Unveils New Logo 'The Vista' Reflecting Heritage and Modernity"

Air India, the Tata Group-owned airline, has introduced its new logo and plane livery colors, signaling a blend of modernity with the essence of heritage. The designer behind the new identity, Tasneem Ali, highlighted the careful balance between tradition and contemporaneity. Speaking about the rebranding, Tasneem shared, “Our aim was to create an authentic and distinctly Indian identity while presenting it in a world-class, contemporary manner.”

Tasneem elaborated on the inspiration behind the design, explaining, “We reimagined elements from the Air India brand world, such as the iconic window, which has been a symbol inside and outside the aircraft. We aimed to infuse the new design with a sense of Indian identity and culture, presented in a way that resonates globally.”

Addressing the famous ‘Maharaja’ logo, Tasneem emphasized that a significant role has been assigned to the iconic figure, ensuring its relevance and prominence. She clarified that the Maharaja was initially a part of advertising and not the logo itself, and the new approach provides him a distinct and fitting place.

The new logo, named ‘The Vista,’ maintains the airline’s signature red and white colors while incorporating a touch of purple. Chandrashekaran, Chairman of Tata Sons, expressed that the logo’s concept is inspired by the golden window frame’s peak, symbolizing limitless possibilities.

Chandrashekaran also discussed the airline’s comprehensive strategy, focusing on enhancing human resources and upgrading the existing fleet. He emphasized that while the path ahead involves challenges, Air India’s clear vision and dedication will lead to a strengthened position.

The airline’s press release emphasized Air India’s commitment to elevating the guest experience and strengthening its role as a preferred choice for travelers to, from, and within India. The unveiling of the new logo and branding marks a significant step in the airline’s journey toward modernization and enhanced service offerings.

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