“Air India Express Unveils Vibrant Brand Identity Amid Tata Group’s Transformation”


Air India Express, part of the Tata Group, has unveiled a new brand identity featuring vibrant orange and turquoise colors, as it undergoes transformation and consolidation within the Tata airline business.

Air India Express Reveals Vibrant Brand Identity in Tata Group's Transformation
Air India Express Reveals Vibrant Brand Identity in Tata Group's Transformation

Air India Express, a subsidiary of the Tata Group, introduced a fresh and vibrant brand identity at the Mumbai airport, featuring a color palette predominantly composed of orange and turquoise. The rebranding follows the impending merger of AIX Connect (formerly AirAsia India) into Air India Express, forming the low-cost carrier of the Tata Group.

The airline’s new visual identity showcases an energetic and premium color palette with Express Orange and Express Turquoise as primary colors, complemented by Express Tangerine and Express Ice Blue as secondary colors. The Express Orange symbolizes enthusiasm and agility while embracing the warmth quintessential to Indian culture. Express Turquoise embodies style, contemporary sensibility, and a digital-first approach, reflecting the airline’s personality traits.

Air India Express has drawn inspiration from India’s rich textile heritage for its new brand. The livery of the first Boeing 737-8 aircraft features patterns inspired by Bandhani textiles. Future aircraft will incorporate designs inspired by traditional patterns such as Ajrakh, Patola, Kanjeevaram, and Kalamkari, celebrating India’s artistic diversity.

The theme of ‘Patterns of India’ in the airline’s new branding aims to encapsulate the spirit of the nation and tell its stories through a visual journey.

Aloke Singh, Managing Director of Air India Express, highlighted the significance of this rebranding in the airline’s growth and transformation journey. He mentioned the induction of modern, fuel-efficient Boeing B737-8 aircraft and the plan to expand the fleet to approximately 170 narrow-body aircraft in the next five years, connecting domestic India and short-haul international markets.

Air India Chairman and Managing Director, Campbell Wilson, noted that the merger of Air India Express and AirAsia India is in its final stages, indicating a transformation in the aviation landscape.

As part of the rebranding, Air India Express also introduced its signature sonic identity, a vibrant melody and musical logo that represents emotions like Karuna, Adbutha, and Veera, symbolizing a harmonious welcome to the sounds of New India.

This unveiling follows Air India’s introduction of a new brand identity, ‘The Vista,’ in August, reflecting “limitless possibilities.”

Tata Group is in the process of consolidating its airline business, including the integration of Air India Express with AIX Connect and the merger of Vistara, a joint venture with Singapore Airlines, into Air India.

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