Elon Musk announces ‘next app update’ on Twitter, here’s what it may bring

Elon Musk announced earlier this month that Twitter will make it less mandatory for users to use the “For You” algorithmic timeline. The CEO has now announced another update regarding the platform’s timeline saying the ‘For You or Following’ choice will be persistent soon.

The conversation started when MMA fighter Matt Brown tagged Musk complaining that he doesn’t understand the new Twitter timeline.

“I don’t understand my Twitter timeline anymore it’s filled with crypto junk and political junk I just want fight stuff what’s up @elonmusk,” he tweeted. In a reply, Musk said that Twitter is working on it.

The conversation was taken forward by another Twitter user saying, “I don’t mind the way it’s set up, just put the recommended tweets in chronological order, and make it to where it stays on either ‘For You’ or ‘Following’ even after closing the app and coming back.”

To this, Musk replied: “Next app update will make For You or Following choice persist. Agreed that recommended tweets should be more chronologically ordered. They cannot be entirely so.”

Several users complained of the same on Musk’s post, and he said he “will investigate.”

Recently, Twitter announced that it was rolling out a feature for its web client that will remember which timeline users were using the last time they logged in and it will be set default to it when they log in again.
Musk also announced that the platform will also make it less mandatory for users to use the “For You” algorithmic timeline.

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